15 - 18 years old

Wednesday 7.30pm - 9.30pm

The 10th Ivanhoe venturer unit meets on Wednesday evenings from 7:30 to 9:30 pm, at 8A Wallace St, Ivanhoe. The venturer room has been recently renovated and now has couches, a small kitchen, toilets, LED lights, a projector, a basketball hoop, a pool table and a table tennis table.

If you would like to see what we are doing this term and in the future please refer to the "upcoming event" under the venture section, of this website.

Interested in joining venturers? Please come down and give our group a try, we would love to have you in our unit! To get in contact with the venturer unit please contact:
Micheal Free (10th Ivanhoe Venturer leader)
0478 779 647

Peter Baranow (10th Ivanhoe Group leader)
0418 378 871

About us!
The 10th Ivanhoe Venturer unit is a very close-knit group of roughly 12 venturers at the moment, we meet every week either at our scout hall or out and about in our community. Some activities we've done this year include ice skating, rock climbing, scavenger hunts, baking challenges, games nights as well as attending state-wide venturer camps every term!

Concert at Anything Goes

April 2022

Our Venturers at Scout Hike

May 2022

Bonfire at Winter Gathering

July 2022

Abseiling at Winter Gathering

July 2022

Rock Climbing @ Hard Rock

August 2022

Training to Anything Goes

April 2022

Venturers helping @ Kangaree

September 2022

Our Venturers at Scouthike

May 2022

So what is venturers?

Venturers is for young people aged 15 to 18, perfect for people interested in making new friendships, learning valuable skills, taking opportunities and going on adventures all while having fun!

Camps and events:
Every term our venturer unit travels around victoria attending statewide venturer camps, including:

  • Anything Goes, Lardner Park

  • Scout Hike, Toolarook State Forest

  • Winter Gathering, Eumerall Scout Camp

  • Vic Gathering, Mafeking Rover Park,

As well as national and international events, including:

  • World Jamboree, every four years

  • KISC, every four years

  • International Jamborees and Ventures

Peak award:

As a venturer, you also have the opportunity to achieve the peak award, the queen scout, focusing on special interest areas, outdoor adventurer skills, milestone awards, personal development and reflection, leadership course and a 4-day hike. The queen scout award is highly recognised across Australia by VCE, several universities and employers

Interested in Joining? We'd love to have you in our unit :)

Micheal Free (10th Ivanhoe Venturer leader)
0478 779 647

Peter Baranow (10th Ivanhoe Group leader)
0418 378 871