The annual fees to attend and participate at 10th Ivanhoe are made up of several components

BRANCH FEES  2024 >2024  $268  This covers insurance and administration costs. 10t Ivanhoe pays this to branch for all registered members on April 1st each each year

DISTRICT FEES 2024>2025  $20  10th Ivanhoe pays this fee in April for each registered youth member

GROUP FEES   2024>2025  $260  This is used by the group to pay for the running of our halls .Water, elect, gas and to buy equipment and resources required

Standard fees for 2004> 2005 are $548

New members joining after 30th June pay a pro rata fee rate . ie  9,month 75%  6 months 50%  3 months 25%

Discounts available

LEADER TRAINED            -$240  This is available for registered leader who has completed there basic training(first child) -$120 second child)

LEADER (NEW)      -100     This is available for registered leader who has started there basic training(first child) -$50 second child

COMMITTEE MEMBER      - $50    This is available for registered adult supporter who are part of the committee and actively assists in running the group

ADULT HELPER   -$50     This is available for registered adult helpers who are actively assists in running one of the units and have completed there training

The payment if fees MUST be made prier to the 25tgh of March each year. Non financial members will not be registered and consequently are not insured and cannot participate in any scouting activities. Registration will lapse on the 1st of April.

PAYMENT of fees. Some families may request to pay fees over a period. This maybe possible however written request must be sent to the group leader * well prior to census (1st April)  and then after approval by the committee a payment plan may be available. All plans Must incorporate full payment of BRANCH and DISTRICT FEES $ 268 + $20 prior to the 1st of April. The balance ie group fees etc may be paid over the next six month in accordance with the agreement.

Should a member leave the group prior to the fees payment schedule being completed the full amount will become immediately payable.